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Lady Okalani

3/4th Euro Solid Blue AKC  Great Dane

Okie 2.5yrs 3.2.jpg

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**Oak passed due to complications from her c-section

No matter the Species, No matter the Surgery - if One does Not get up x Walk Afterwards there is a chance for blood clots - that is why even for Humans, we are made to get up x walk right after surgery! It's how body's work. 

(more infor at bottom)


OFA Certifications

Heart x Thyroid

Okalani aka Okie or Oaks was born right here at Hillis Danes!

She is at least 4 generations color pure.

Oak has been color tested x is KK - which means she can not produce fawns or off colors

Time stops for no one but early Friday morning, it sure felt like time stopped.

Loosing anyone sucks but I think it sucks more when it is unexpected. The vet x vet tech had been at the house - felt almost like daily to check on Oak. She was sensitive to the anesthesia, had a hard time waking up. She vomited during the incubation process – but I was there, they got that table tipped quick. I felt confident that she was good. They told me before they started surgery that she had large veins and to expect a lot of blood loss. She was immediately put on antibiotics x we came home.

1st day home she was “out, out” x that was not normal - so we did a house call x Oak got an IV, antibiotic injection, anti-nausea meds because she wasn’t eating/drinking

2nd day a little better eating x drinking some, getting up with assistance.

3rd day even better

4th day everything going in the right direction, eating x drinking more - she even got up on her own

5th day she woke me x was panting like she needed to go potty. So I got up x said let’s go x she stopped panting, laid back x looked at me like nope, i just wanted you to get up (which our mom’s do - nothing unusual about that) I checked her, the pups, got nose to nose w/her as I gave her lovens - not once did it cross my mind that anything was wrong, that things were going in the wrong direction. I laid back down, closed my eyes, she made a funny noise, I looked over x instantly knew we were loosing her.

Today is my 1st day home to process. 1st day that I notice that the house is so quiet w/out her to talk to us. Cause Oak was a happy talker, always talking x wagging her tail…..the house is soooo quiet without her.

Necropsy showed that she did have some fluid in her lungs, but not enough to be fatal. All of her organs looked great, her incision from the C-section and spay was healing properly. It appears she threw a blood clot.

We are absolutely heartbroken Never, not once until that very moment did we think she was not going to be okay.

We never know when a moment is going to be the last - so always, always take the time to make a moment happen, to give someone (2 or 4 legged) the time, to give them a hug because it could be the last moment w/them.

Lady Okalani

4/30/18 - 3/17/23

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