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Each Planned/Available litter will have the possible color of pups listed.

We currently do not have puppies please check out our planned breedings

1st to place a deposit gets 1st pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick x so forth.
(Refundable if we do not have enough male/female pups)

All our Danes & all our litters are AKC registered & all puppies are whelped & raised inside our home.

We breed for Health, Temperament, Confirmation, & their Family Linage they must have Longevity of Life, x while we prefer Color Pure lines of Blue, Black or Blue/Black on their 3-4 year pedigree papers that does not guarantee all blue x black pups.
So here at Hillis Danes our Adult Danes are color tested so we know which of our Danes can be paired to achieve blue pups x black pups. However finding a breeding pair with the right color genetics is getting to be harder with each passing year x while we will continue to color test - know that the Health of our breeding pairs comes 1st and we will chose health over color every time!!

Please Check out our Planned Breedings

for other upcoming litters.

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All Pups from this litter are Spoken for

The Sea of 87.5% Euro AKC Blues

(click on link above to go to litter page - once the little ones arrive)

March 7, 2023

Ember 10 months.jpg
Vik 14_edited.jpg

      Lady Ember      x      Sir Viktor

All Pups are $3000.00

 1st  Female Pick is Spoken for by The Summer Family in Ohio

2nd Pick is Pending for The Berglund Family in Colorado

3rd Pick is Spoken for by The Neelan Family in Delaware

4th Pick is Spoken for by The Durbin Family in Illinois

-5th Pick Female is Spoken for by The Harter Family in Missouri

1st Male is Spoken for The Smart Family in Maine

2nd Pick Male is Spoken for by The Garcia Family in Texas

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