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Selective Dane Breeding Partnership



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What is this?

This is a partnership between your family and Hillis Danes. Your family will be able to choose the female puppy that fits in with your family to be part of your family Forever x Always. However all breeding rights will belong to Hillis Danes for a reasonable time specified in the S.D.B.P. Contract.


Why are we offering this partnership?

We are offering this opportunity because we simply can not continue our blood lines without keeping some of the beautiful pups back. Since we refuse to sell or rehome our older adult danes as they are family; keeping all our POL's or older pups would give us too many danes in our home to give them all the adequate attention they deserve.

How The Process Works (Option 1)


Hillis Danes will be responsible for finding all pups a home x signing the genetics health guarantee contract x be responsible for any replacement pups should there ever be a need. Hillis Danes will pay for all marketing, AKC  litter registration, life-time microchips x arrange for the pup to get to their families.


You take your puppy home (at full price), feed them the food we feed, pay for all their normal medical bills x all their breeding health testing. You meet us 1/2 way when she comes into her heat (for breeding not the early ones) to be bred to our male. You whelp the pups, you care for the pups, all whelping supplies, etc, you take videos x photos of the pups weekly x send them to us. 

We will handle on payments x contracts. You will receive a copy of each signed set of contracts you have it in writing w/signatures how much each pup sold for.

Feel 50/50 not fair???

You sign your name to the genetics health contract x be responsible for replacement pups at min 2800 each.



3 pups x 2800 = 8,400

8400/2= $4,2oo

How The Process Works (Option 2)

Your puppy will come home to you at 8 weeks of age (obviously older if its an older pup) and you will start basic command training.

At 13-14 weeks you will need to have your Dane enrolled in puppy training and complete all age training classes (sending them to a trainer at we approve of at an appropriate age is a good option as well - there is one close to us, with excellent reviews from Dane Families - not all trainers are created equal).

At 18-24 months Hillis Danes will start health testing for breeding to verify that she can enter into our breeding program - if she does not pass she will not be entered into the program

(this has not happened but one never knows).

When its time for breeding and your female Dane comes into heat you must contact us immediately as she will be coming to stay with us for the duration of this heat cycle - it should be her 3rd-4th heat. Once bred she will come back to you until 1 week before she is due to deliver. She will be returned to you between 6-8 weeks after the pups are born as we like to keep our moms with their pups as long as possible. However you and your family may schedule to come visit during her stay here.

You will get paid after we get paid - when the pups are 8-10 wks

(depends on when families pick up their pups)

Then at the end of the S.D.B.P. Hillis Danes will have the dane spayed/neutered.


How Many Litters?

A female may have 1-4 litters, but no more than 4. The number of breeding will be determined on an individual basis depending on may things including but not limited to: how well she handled delivery x whelping, how well she keeps weight on during whelping/how well she bounces back, etc.


Does this partnership cost you anything?

Yes, you will have the cost of purchasing the pup. The cost of the pup will depend on the litter, but will be full price ($2800-$3500 USD). However, the full purchase price will be refunded after the birth of the Dane's 1st litter considering the litter produces more than 3 live marketable pups and the pups sale for our normal prices. Should the pups sale for less, then a % agreed upon in the contract will be given. As an additional "Thank You" we are willing to release a sum of $1,500 USD for each additional litter produced there after to you.(considering that there is 3 or more live marketable pups born in each litter - additional funds for litters that have 10 or more pups).

Example of Funds spent....

3 pups x 2800=8400

8400-1500 (back to you)=6900

6900- 2000ish (vet bills, food, gloves, puppy pads, puppy blankets, laundry soap, puppy safe cleaners, wipes, puppy packs going home, etc) = 4900

4900/8wks = 612.50 (my pay per week)


You will also have the cost of general veterinarian care as well as any expenses for the well being of the Dane placed in your care not Hillis Danes. This includes feeding them Life's Abundance Premium Health Food, all yearly vaccines, county registration tags, monthly heartworm meds, monthly flea x tick meds, proper exercise, training/classes and socialization for a dane as well as giving them all the love and care that all animals deserve!

All breeding related expenses (medical - OFAs, AKC, ads, etc.) will be the responsibility of Hillis Danes. You will only be responsible for normal expenses (food x medical) that any pet parent would have.


Extra Benefit

In addition to the above, as an option, if you are willing, you can enroll as an Executive Field Rep with the food we feed cost is about  $300.00 USD (will be an refunded as well, after 1st litter). Plus, each time your dane has a litter, all families from that litter will be placed under your account. That means that you will earn you a % of all purchases made - Including all the puppy food we send home!


Requirements for S.D.B.P

1.You have to choose a Female puppy

2. You must own your own home.

3. Must have a fenced yard - no wireless only & fencing must be a minimum of 4ft in height.

4. Must keep Dane indoors

5. Have adequate bedding at all times

6. Never leave Dane unattended outside

7. Someone must be home alot of the time.

8. You must have reliable transportation - so you can visit/meet up with us.

9. You have to be willing to bring your Dane to us for  all breeding and specialized health testing for breeding (or meet us part way depending on distance )

The closer you live the better so that way we can visit each other -she has to be well acquainted with send us lots of pics so we can see how she is growing and add pics to the page on our website/Dane's FB Page.

11. You must allow us to do a home inspection

12. You must use a vet that works with multiple danes (10 or more). Not all vets are Dane Savvy (I Do Not Care if they are your friend) and they need to be...other wise you can end up spending more money at the vet than ever needed.

Contact Us

If you are interested in being part of our S.D.B.P. please contact us

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