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$500 Non-Refundable deposit is required to hold the
puppy of your choice.

1st to place a deposit gets 1st pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick x so forth.
(Refundable if we do not have enough male/female pups)

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The Sea of 87.5% Euro AKC Blues

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Fall 2020

All pups will be blue from this pairing

      Lady Delilah       x       Sir Ardagio

All Pups are $2800.00

 1st Pick Female is Spoken for by The Atwell Family in Indiana

2nd Pick is currently Available

1st Pick Male is Spoken for The Patrick Family in Virginia

2nd Pick is currently Available

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** This is Lady Vienna's Final Litter **

The Sea of 94% Euro AKC Blue to Blue Litter


Winter 2020/2021

Possible colors will be:

Blue, Fawn or Blue Fawn

Due to color testing and since we were unable able to find an outside quality blue or black stud that had been health tested (x passed) with the right color genetics for Vienna's 1st litter and since their first litter was amazing, Vienna has been paired to Ardagio again, because the health of our pups comes before color! So only place a deposit if you are happy with either of those colors because no one will know until they arrive what colors are available and when it comes your turn to choose your puppy, what colors will be available!


All Pups are $2800.00

1st Pick Female is Spoken for The Fransen Family in Georgia

2nd Pick Female is currently Pending for The Maron Family in Ohio

1st Pick Male is Spoken for by The Fransen Family in Georgia

2nd x 3rd Pick Male is currently Pending for The Rajput Family in India

4th Pick is currently Available

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from one of our litters in the future - please contact us.

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Our Ladies will only be bred 1x per year

Occasionally we will do a back back breeding - but not often. Has to be for very good reasons.

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