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The Sea of 100% Euro Blues



Lady Gabriella          x        Sir Brody

Gabby 2015 Green Day 1-1.jpg

Gabby & Brody 8/16/12

Gabby 2013 Haven 2.jpg

Gabby & Brody 9/15/13

Gabby 2014 Leo wk 1-1.jpg

Gabby & Brody 8/18/14

Gabby 2015 Lavender Day 1-1.jpg

Gabby & Brody 8/18/15

unfortunately all the pics from our previous website did not get saved, as we thought they had. So, there are no links to Gabby's litters or any additional photos. Since I can not do all the pups from each litter I have chosen to just leave it as what is pictured above.

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