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We believe that dogs, just like humans have different personalities. Some of it is how they naturally are and part of it depends on how they are raised. Some dogs are naturally more laid back while others tend to be naturally high strung or more active.


Some people adopt a puppy only to realize that it is not what they wanted; the puppy barks too much, is too laid back, too hyper or high strung, is lazy at potty training, too this or too that. It can end up being an unhappy situation for everyone; the humans and the dog. Unfortunately though, the dog is usually the one that suffers the most. The owner(s) no longer want the puppy and a lot of times the dog/puppy is either pushed to the side; not played with often, he/she is put outside and ignored most of the time or he/she is simply given away.

Danes are known as the gentle giant, very loyal, a family companion ~ Danes have a natural laid back temperament - but just like any other breed some are more laid back than others and again some of it is how they naturally are and part of it depends on how they are raised.

So if You are Not Prepared To Love, Care &Train A Great Dane

Do Not Adopt  One!!!!!!!!


Our hope is for you to pick a puppy that not only you are happy with, but a puppy that will be happy with you. We will assist by providing you with details of their personalities once they start developing, if You want, usually around 4 weeks or so, give or take a little depending on the pup.


We want to Try  to prevent an unhappy situation by preparing you as much as possible for your Great Dane and knowing as much as you can about your pup and about the breed is just half the battle. The other half is you being able to care, love, train and provide for your Great Dane. Helping you pick a puppy from one of our litters that will fit your lifestyle, is a great place to start…. So, please take a moment to think about what your lifestyle is; are you always on the go?

If so will your new puppy be going along or staying home alone? - so would a more active pup or a more laid back pup fit better?

We do not guarantee that any pup that you purchase from us will be a show dog or keep the same personality traits that he/she currently has – there are too many variables. However, it is our belief that if you pick a pup that has the dominant personality traits that you are wanting in a dog that those traits will stay strong with the proper training.


Although if you adopt a puppy that does not strongly show the personality traits you desire, there is still hope. With the proper training, you should be able to achieve the personality traits that you are wanting - it might just take more patience on your part; but there is always the possibility that you will not achieve the desired personality traits in your pup that you are wanting.

So, we highly recommend adopting a puppy that already shows the personality traits you desire.


If you prefer not to wait to find out their personalities and want to pick a pup based off of their size, coloring, or any other reasoning that is fine, it is your choice, but the option to pick one based on personality is available….first person to put down a deposit, gets first pick…even if it takes a week to decide after making the deposit.

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