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Some of Okalani's Lineage

There are several multi-international champions in Okalani's line, including her Grand-Dame x Great Grand Sire x while her grand sire Brody was not been in the show ring, he did star in a live play at Ohio State University with actors that flew in from Dublin, Ireland. 

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Our Star Sir Brody


Int. Ch = International Champion

London 8 months 1-1.jpg

~ ~ Okalani's Dame  ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Lady London

Ardagio 14 months 3.jpg

~ ~ Okalani's Sire  ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Sir Ardagio

 ~ ~ Okie's Grand Dame/Dame's Side ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Lady Lexis

 ~ ~ Okie's Grand Sire/Dame's Side  ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Sir Brody

Played "The Dane"

in the play

The Rehearsal, Playing The Great Dane

2011/2012 Preforming Arts Season


~ ~ Okie's  Grand Dame/Ardagio's side ~ ~

JWW  Ch. Athena


Croatian Champion

Ham 1.jpg

~ ~ Okie's  Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

CH Hamyradhjhan de L ' Outsaina

Champion of France 2013

National d'elevange 2013

~ ~ Okie's Great Grand Sire/Brody's side ~ ~

Int. Ch. Balou vom Hause Schleicher


Deutscher Champion VDH

Deutscher Champion DDC

Oesterreichischer Champion

Clubsieger Tschechien 2008

Europasieger Dortmund 2009

~ ~ Okie's Great Grand Dame/Brody's side ~ ~

Queen Cayenne von haus Tiefenbach

Deperado (grandpa).jpg

~ ~ Okie's Great Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Libora Great Danes Desperado

dhuraikanna de la benjamine.jpg

~ ~ Okie's  Great-Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Dhuraikannan de la Benjamine

National d'elevange 2011 x 2012

~ ~ Okie's Great-Grand Dame/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Dassouana de L ' Outsaina

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Sire/Brody's side ~ ~

Ch. High Resolution b-dei Monti del Keraton

Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Poland
Club Winner '05, '06

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Sire /Brody's side ~ ~

Multi- Internantional Champion

Thiago-N Della Baia Azzurra

French Club Champion 2007

French Champion

Year Champion 2007

Italian Champion

Slovenian Club Champion 2008 * Dutch Club Champion 2008

Clubmatch Winner NL 2008 * Campione Interclub 2008

Spanish Club Champion

KYDD Club Sieger 2009

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

International Champion

Achraf De La Benjamine

Champion of France 2008

Champion of France 2007

International Champion of Genova0 2007

~ ~Okie's Great-Great Grand Dame/Ardagio's side~ ~

Tijuana de la Benjamine

1st  Excellent Regional 2003

2nd  Excellent National 2003

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Dame/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Bakshama de L ' Oustsaina

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Libora Great Danes Excalibur

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great Grand Dame/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Ch. Daphnee Expletus Hungaricus

~ ~ Oki'e Great-Great Grand Dame/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Ch. Cerine Expletus Hungaricus

Junior European Winner '05
Slovenian Club Winner '05
Junior Champion of Austria
Junior Champion of Croatia
Junior Champion of Slovenia

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Both sides ~ ~

International Champion

Osir-B Della Baia Azzurra

Junior World Winner '01
Champion of Germany
Champion of Italy
Campione Sociale
German Club Winner (VDH) '01
Italian Club Winner '01
Campione dell'Anno '01

~ ~Okie's Great-Great-Great Grand-Dame - Brody's side ~ ~

Elsia-BDei Monti Del Keraton

~ ~ Okie's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire - Brody's side ~ ~

Glenn vom Himmerlkron

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Sire/Ardagio's side ~ ~

Ch. Uxalanda de la Benjamine

2nd Excellent National  Elevate  2004 of Baillargues

1st Excellent Regional of Bégude 2005

1st Excellent RCACS-RCACIB Champion of France 2005

3rd Excellent Avignon 2005

1st Excellent + Cacs Ch. Duclub National d'élevage of Vitry 2006

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Dame/Ardagio's side~ ~

Ch. Nijinskaia de la Benjamine

Jr Champion of Club

Champion of France

Champion International

Champion D"Espange

Champion of Club 2 yrs in a row

Meilleur Dogue National d'élevag of Baillargues

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Sire/Ardagio's side~ ~

Ch. High Resolution b-dei Monti del Keraton

Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Poland
Club Winner '05, '06

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Dame/Ardagio's side~ ~

Inter Ch. Utanalussa de la Benjamine

1st Best beginner, Regional Breeding la Bégude 2004

1st, Young Champion of the Club, National Breeding 2004 Baillargues

1st excellent Cac Cacib Best female Avignon 2004

1st excellent Cac  Caib Best of breed Girone 2005
1st excellent Cac  Rcaib Toulouse 2005

1st Excellent Regional of Bégude 2005

1st Excellent Cacs-Cacib Championship of France 2005 Champion of France

Excellent unclassified Interclub Championship 2005 Lodi Italy 

1st Excellent Avignon 2005

1st Excellent Cacib Montpellier 2006

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Sire/Ardagio's side~ ~

Ch. Eros-b dei Monti del Keraton

Champion of Italy

~ ~Okie's Grt-Grt-Grt Grand Dame/Ardagio's side~ ~

Ch. Sina de la Benjamine

Junior European Winner '02
Junior Champion of Hungary
Hungarian Club Winner
Junior Hungagrian Club Winner

~ Okie's Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Brody's side ~ 

CH Milton del Eden Blue

Ch of France 2000

Club Ch 2001

~ Okie's Great-Great-Great-Great Grand Dame/Brody's side ~ 

International Ch. Lucia-B della Baia Azzurra

Italian Champion

VDH Club Siegerin 2000

Club Champion

German VDH Champion

Berlin 2001 Champion

VDH Club Siegerin 2001

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