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Some of Paris's Lineage

 There are several multi-international champions in Paris's line x at least 6 generations Blue/Black lines.


Int. Ch = International Champion

~ ~ Paris's Dame  ~ ~

Lady Loki Deja Blue Diamond

Goddess of Loomis

~ ~ Paris's Sire  ~ ~

BRD Lord Lenox High Resolution

Ice Blue Saphir

~ ~ Paris's Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

L&D Wagner Dog Buddy's Ice Blue

~ ~ Paris's Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Champion Cassius Expletius Hungaricus

Jr. Champion of Hungary

Best of Breed x 6

CACIB x 3  *  CAC x 5

BJ, BIS x 4

~ ~ Paris's Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Monarque Myszatka

~ ~ Paris's Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Ch.Shamaco de la Benjamine

(Cassius's Sire)

Italian breeding champion

2nd excellent at the National Livestock 2002 (class young black male)

1st excellent A and best male regional Breeding of Bollene 2003

~ ~ Paris's Great-Great Grand Dame/Sire's side ~ ~

Champion Sina De la Benjamine

(Cassius's Dame)

Young European Champion (FCI 2002) and best young female

Young Hungarian club champion 2002 and best young female

Hungarian Junior Champion

Young winner of the 2002 cup

2002 champion in the derby of Hungary (best dog born last year)

2003 Club Champion

~ ~ Paris's Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Ch. High Resolution b-dei Monti del Keraton

(Monarque's Sire)

Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Poland
Club Winner '05, '06

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