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Some of London's Lineage

 There are several multi-international champions in London's line, including her Grand-Sire x while her sire Brody has not been in the show ring, he did star in a live play at Ohio State University with actors that flew in from Dublin, Ireland.

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Our Star Sir Brody


Int. Ch = International Champion

~ ~ London's Dame  ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Lady Lexis

~ ~ London's Sire  ~ ~

CB Hillis Danes Sir Brody

Played "The Dane"

in the play

The Rehearsal, Playing The Great Dane

2011/2012 Preforming Arts Season

~ ~ London's Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Int. Ch. Balou vom Hause Schleicher


Deutscher Champion VDH

Deutscher Champion DDC

Oesterreichischer Champion

Clubsieger Tschechien 2008

Europasieger Dortmund 2009

~ ~ London's Grand Dame/Sire's side ~ ~

Queen Cayenne von haus Tiefenbach

~ ~ London's Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Ch. High Resolution b-dei Monti del Keraton

Champion of Poland
Junior Champion of Poland
Club Winner '05, '06

~ ~ London's Great Grand Sire /Sire side ~ ~

Multi- Internantional Champion

Thiago-N Della Baia Azzurra

French Club Champion 2007

French Champion

Year Champion 2007

Italian Champion

Slovenian Club Champion 2008 * Dutch Club Champion 2008

Clubmatch Winner NL 2008 * Campione Interclub 2008

Spanish Club Champion

KYDD Club Sieger 2009

~ ~ London's Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

International Champion

Osir-B Della Baia Azzurra

Junior World Winner '01
Champion of Germany
Champion of Italy
Campione Sociale
German Club Winner (VDH) '01
Italian Club Winner '01
Campione dell'Anno '01

~ ~London's Great-Great Grand-Dame - Sire's side ~ ~

Elsia-BDei Monti Del Keraton

~ ~London's Great-Great Grand Sire - Sire's side ~ ~

Glenn vom Himmerlkron

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

CH Milton del Eden Blue

Ch of France 2000

Club Ch 2001

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Dame/Sire's side ~ ~

International Ch. Lucia-B della Baia Azzurra

Italian Champion

VDH Club Siegerin 2000

Club Champion

German VDH Champion

Berlin 2001 Champion

VDH Club Siegerin 2001

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Dame/Sire's side ~ ~

Olympia de la Benjamine

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Ch. Eddy vom Hunengrab


D Champion

VDH Champion

L Champion


I Champion

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Le Roy Des Terres de la Rairie

~ ~London's Great-Great-Great Grand Sire/Sire's side ~ ~

Poleposition - Della Azzurra

International Champion

Champion of France
Champion of Spain
Champion of Germany (VDH, DDC)
Champion of Italy
German Club Winner '03, '04

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