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All Puppies From this litter are Spoken for

The Sea of 84.5% Euro Blues has arrived

5 Gorgeous Baby Blues


Delilah 3.75yrs 1.jpg
George 14 months 6.jpg

Lady Delilah             x         Sir George

Graced us with their presence


~ ~ All our Danes x all our litters are AKC  Registered ~ ~

All puppies are whelped x raised inside our home x are interacted with daily by us and our family that comes to visit, so these pups are well socialized from the very beginning!

Price: $2800.00 USD

(all pups come with Full Reg)

Little Ladies

1st x only Pick Female is Spoken for The Byrd Family in Texas

Little Lads

1st Pick is Spoken for by The Racette Family in New York

2nd Pick is Spoken for by The McMahon Family in Virginia

3rd Pick is Spoken for The Newton Family in Arkansas

 4th Spoken for by The Stouffer Family

Our Families have until the pups are 5 weeks old to choose their pup,

therefore we do not know which pup(s) will be spoken for until the families choose.

1st to place a deposit gets 1st pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick x so forth.

If you are interested in puppy please, contact us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(click on a puppy's name to go to his/her page)

We went with a Japanese theme for this litter

all names can be changed by their families

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

(aka Miso (Me-So))
Spoken for by The Racette Family in New York

~ ~ Maximus ~ ~

1st Male, 1st in litter.....Solid Blue

couple small white patches on chest (should dissipate)

with front flashing x smidge back flashing

born 3/8/22 @ 1:13 am.....1lb 6 oz

3/15.....2lbs 10 1/2 oz

3/22.....4lbs 2oz

3/29.....5lbs 9oz


4/12.....12lbs 5oz

4/19.....13lbs 8 1/2 oz

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sully ~ ~

(aka Sir Boba)
Spoken for by The McMahon Family in Virginia

2nd Male, 2nd in litter.....Solid Blue

 smidge front flashing

born 3/8/22 @ 2:20 am.....1lb 1/2 oz

3/15.....2lbs 1oz

3/22.....3lbs 7oz

3/29.....4lbs 10oz

4/5.....6lbs 15oz

4/12.....9lbs 12oz

4/19.....11lbs 7oz

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Oliver ~ ~

(aka SirUdon)
Spoken for by The Newton Family in Arkansas

3rdMale, 3rd in litter.....Small White on chest

with front x back flashing x few white hairs on both back

paw's middle toes

born 3/8/22 @ 3:15 am.....1lb

3/15.....1lb 15 1/2oz

3/22.....3lbs 1/2oz

3/29.....4lbs 9oz

4/5.....6lbs 7 1/2oz

4/12.....9lbs 8oz

4/19.....11lbs 4oz

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Blaze ~ ~

(aka Sir Wasabi)
Spoken for by The Stouffer Family in 

4thMale, 4th in litter.....White on Chest

with front flashing

born 3/8/22 @ 3:35am.....  14 oz

3/15.....1lb 7oz

3/22.....2lbs 7oz

3/29.....3lbs 10oz


4/12.....7lbs 3oz

4/19.....10lbs 5oz

~ ~Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Natasha ~ ~

(Lady Mochi)
Spoken for by The Byrd Family in Texas

1st x only Female, 5th in litter.....Solid Blue

w/flashing on back of both front paws x back left paw-

smidge flashing back right paw x few white hairs on middle toes both back paws

born 3/8/22 @4:06 am.....1lb 5 oz

3/15.....2lbs 5 1/2oz

3/22.....3lbs 11oz

3/29.....5lbs 1oz

4/5.....7lbs 3 1/2oz

4/12.....10lbs 15oz

4/19.....13lbs 12oz

Pics & personality info of the pups will be updated weekly or every other week.

Please contact us  for more details on the puppy that stole your heart.

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