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Welcome to Hillis Danes

Our Danes are more than pets ~ they're family

CB Hillis Danes Sir Brody 100% European Blue Great Dane Stud
CB Hillis Danes Lady Lexis 100% American Blue Great Dane Female
The Kiddos

with Lexis, Brody x Faith (the cat)

The 3 that started it all :-)

We have owend Danes for 12yrs as of (2020) and have been breeding Danes for 10yrs. Our Great Dane Puppies are family as well. From the moment they arrive they receive the same love, care and attention that all our Danes receive. I work from home, as a Field Rep so no, our Danes are not our paychecks.
Breeding Danes is something we do because we truly
Love The Breed - but working from home allows me to be here for all our children - 2 & 4 legged .
This also allows me to sleep in the whelping room with them for several weeks (at least 4) to insure that they get around the clock care. Our whelping room is attached to our home, so even when I am not in the whelping room, the pups have constant supervision, interaction x socialization.
When you take one of our Dane Pups home that care will continue; anytime you call, text, email, facebook message me - how ever you contact us, we will contact you back!

We do not believe that every Dane is suitable for breeding or that a Dane should be bred every time they come into heat & we do not believe that just any 2 Danes should be paired together - it takes researching the lines x health testing each Dane to know which Danes to pair up.

Our goal here at Hillis Danes is to produce Healthy Great Danes that will become part of your Family. We do this by tons x tons of research on the lines of the Danes we pair up. All lines get checked for Longativity of Life x we also check the Lines for Hips, Heart x Thyroid.


Our Danes have 24/7 free run of our home & property - they are not in Kennels - we have 1  massive crate- but the door is left opened the majority of the time so they can go in & out of it. It is more for one of the girls when they are in heat and we need to rotate the Danes - so no "misshaps" happen.

They also have their own daybed in the house that they share in addition to the couches they share with us,

as well as doggie beds thru out the house - yes, our Danes are Spoiled :-)
Together as a family, we all put our 2 sense into what we each think the personality of each individual puppy is - this takes spending time with each of those pups - and observing them interact with each other - all of our puppies are handled daily & we do our up most to tell you everything we can about each puppy to help you pick out the puppy that will fit your family - that's right
You Pick Out your puppy - we do not.

If you are ready for a  Hillis Dane - don't wait - go ahead
contact us ;-)

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