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Pics of Vienna

Vienna was our pick of litter from a stud Brody did. So she was not born here x Vienna came back to us after she was over a year old, so we do not have that many pics of her.

We wanted more than anything to keep Vienna w/us but we realized that having 8+ Danes (at that time) in the house was a bit much x she x the others deserved more time than we could give, so we found her a loving home with her 1/2 brother Bentley (Paris x Brody 2015) in Georgia x that is where she lives with her amazing family that

we are so thankful for

Vienna is part of our Selective Danes Breeding Program, so when it is time for to have puppies she will come visit us here in Ohio :-)

~ ~ Day 1  ~ ~

~ ~  2-7 weeks  ~ ~

~ ~  9 weeks  ~ ~

~ ~ 18Months

2.5 yrs

5 yrs

Vienna 5 yrs 2.jpg
Vienna 5 yrs 1.jpg
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