The Little Lads of

Lady Vienna & Sir Ardagio


1st Pick is Spoken for by The Xintaris Family in Michigan

2nd Pick is Spoken for by The Hindle Family in Colorado

3rd Pick is Spoken for byThe O'Neill Family in Pennsylvania

If you are interested in a male from a future litter, please contact us.

Our Families have until the pups are 5 weeks old to choose their pup,

therefore we do not know which pup(s) will be spoken for until the families choose.

If you are interested in puppy please, contact us.

To see more pics & info on each lad click his name

**Check Facebook (link @ bottom of this page) for updates x short clips via my phone.

Price: $2800.00 USD

(All pups come with Full Reg)

~ ~ All names can be changed ~ ~

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Duke  ~ ~

(aka Sir Gianni)

Spoken for by The Xintaris Family in Michigan

1st Male, 3rd in litter.....Solid Blue

w/flashing behind front 2 paws

born 4/18/20 @ 6:47 PM.....1lb 7oz

4/25.....2lbs 12oz

4/28.....3lbs 10oz

4/29.....3lbs 15oz

5/6.....5lbs 1oz

5/17.....9lbs 5 1/2oz

5/19 10lbs 1oz

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

(aka Sir Salvatore)

Spoken for by The O'Neil Family in Pennsylvania

~ ~ Rocky ~ ~

Spoken for by The Hindle Family in Colorado

2nd Male, 4th in litter.....Solid Blue w/smidge flashing behind

front 2 paws x smidge flashing behind both back paws

born 4/18/20 @ 9:28 PM.....1lb 2oz

4/25.....2lbs 3 1/2oz

4/28.....3lbs 1 1/2oz

4/29.....3lbs 4 1/2oz

5/6.....4lbs 9 1/2oz


5/19.....9lbs 6 1/2oz

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Matteo ~ ~

3rdMale, 5th in litter.....Solid Blue, few hairs on chest

should dissipate w/front flashing

born 4/18/20 @ 9:41 PM.....1lb 6 1/2oz

4/25.....2lbs 12 1/2oz

4/28.....3lbs 10 1/2oz

4/29.....3lbs 13 1/2oz

5/6.....5lbs 4 1/2oz

5/17.....9lbs 10 1/2oz

5/19.....10lbs 7 1/2oz

Pics & personality info of the pups will be updated weekly or every other week.

Please contact us  for more details on the puppy that stole your heart.

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