~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Smoke ~ ~

Spoken for by The Eagle Family in West Virginia

Week 1


Week 2


Week 4


Week 5


4thMale, 6th in litter.....Smidge on chest (should dissipate)

w/front flashing

born 1/11/21 @12:22 AM.....1lb 1 1/2oz

1/16.....1lb 14oz

1/24.....3lbs 7oz

2/6.....5lbs 9oz

2/14.....10lbs 3 1/2oz

Personality Info

Week 5

Smoke is currently our most laid back puppy. He usually just lays back x observes but still joins in on playtime. He does take a few to warm up to new areas of the house, day 2 was way better than day 1 but once he feels comfortable he will either explore, play with his siblings or lay back x watch.

Week 3 x 4

Smoke seems to be a confident laid back pup that likes to explore...also a bit of a momma's boy

I say confident x explorer because he has no problem leaving his momma x siblings to explore new things...like his older 1/2 sister Ember x her crate that suddenly appeared in his room. I say momma's boy because he prefers his momma x I say laid back because when we do pick him up - he is chill about it..not frantic like some pups can be. He also walks away when his siblings try to rough house.

Week 2

Still nothing really to tell. Smoke eats x sleeps still.