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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Maverick ~ ~

(aka Sir Samson)
Spoken for by The Patrick Family in Virginia

Week 1

Week 2.5

Week 3.5

Week 5.5

Week 6

Week 8

3rd Male, 5th in litter.....White on Chest

born 3/12/23 @ 8:00pm.....1lb 8 1/2 oz

3/21.....1lb 15 oz

4/1.....3lbs 2 oz

4/7.....4lbs 7oz

4/19.....7lbs 13 1/2 oz

4/25.....11lbs 14 oz

5/10.....19lbs 11 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Sammi typically is found eating or sleeping but more x more his has been trying to play with his older cousins

Week 3-6

Sammi has a loving cuddling side, a calm side x a playful side.

Occasionally he will sit x watch when it is someone or something new but in his own space he is a very playful rotten boy lol. I say rotten because he likes to run off with the clean puppy pads that I just laid down as I am trying to clean. Also, like a typical Dane Sammi loves to cuddle x get lovens.

Week 8

Mav is the same typical playful cuddling dane. He still has his rotten moments but he is not near as rotten as Melody lol

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