~ ~ Sold ~ ~

(aka Sir Salvatore)

Spoken for by The O'Neil Family in Pennsylvania

Day 1

~ ~ Rocky ~ ~


1.5 Weeks


2.5 Weeks


4.5 Weeks

2nd Male, 4th in litter.....Solid Blue w/smidge flashing behind

front 2 paws x smidge flashing behind both back paws

born 4/18/20 @ 9:28 PM.....1lb 2oz

4/25.....2lbs 3 1/2oz

4/28.....3lbs 1 1/2oz

4/29.....3lbs 4 1/2oz

5/6.....4lbs 9 1/2oz


5/19.....9lbs 6 1/2oz

Week 3 x 4 Sal is still our most alert pup - Ravenna and Matteo have been joining him though. Sal is also one of our more confident pups. He had no problem coming out of the whelping room for the first time and once out, he was calm x confident in himself as he started exploring the room on his own. Also, as can been seen in the videos whatever is on his eye does not seem to be hindering him as he was able to avoid Lyric when she came at the side of his face with that eye....at this point it seems to just be cosmetic.

Week 2 Sal so far is the one that takes notice of new sounds....he seems the most aware. He usually growls, howls or barks and we just pick him and give him kisses, when he loves. 

Week 1 Sal seems to persevere.... doesn't give up. We like to allow the pups a chance to find their momma....(you would be surprised at how much and how far they can move from the time they arrive, it is why I sleep in the whelping room and they have literally 24/7 care for the 1st 4 weeks.) Anyways, most pups, spin circles on their tummies and when they give up or seem to get upset, we give them to mom. Sal for the 1st week was the one that we very seldom had to give to mom - he never gave up x usually made his way to his momma on his own.

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