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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Nitro ~ ~

Spoken for by The Giorvas-Weiglin Family in Ohio
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

1st Male, 1st in litter.....Solid Blue

few white hairs for Front x Back Flashing

born 1/19/23 @ 5:25 pm.....1lb 2 1/2 oz

1/25/23.....1lb 11oz

2/1.....2lbs 8 1/2 oz

2/8.....3lbs 5 1/2 oz

2/16.....4lbs 10 oz

2/22.....6lbs 131/2 0z

3/1.....10lbs 11 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Nitro is a snuggler x typically he is found snuggling with mom as the pics on FB show. He did really well with me x was very relaxed for his week 2 photos...very chill was content to snuggle with me.

Week 3

Nitro has slept a lot this week x was usually cuddling with one of his siblings. Still content when I pick him up but he does still prefer his momma

Week 4

Nitro is a sweet confident smart loyal boy. He is calm when he is in my arms but plays well with his siblings. He is confident because he explores off on his own x was the 1st to attempt to leave the whelping room by himself on his now the gate has to stay closed lol. Take for granted the food dishes were outside the door x he was very motivated but they just started puppy food x we give it in small amounts to make sure their tummies adjust well to it. So he went back to his momma x drank some milk. Nitro was also 1 of 3 that was the 1st to make the walk to the other side of the whelping room. Many litters the pups do not want to go...but this litter all 9 came across on their own but Nitro was confident enough to come without any coaxing.

He also is confident enough that he has been exploring the whelping room on his own....all around it...videos on FB from 2/15 will show some of this

Week 5

Not much to tell this week....basically the same.

Nitro plays well with his siblings, he loves us humans x he loves his momma

Well rounded boy

Week 6

Nitro has slept alot this week - but he has grown alot! So he has basically been a snuggler all week.

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