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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Oliver ~ ~

(aka Sir Mocha)
Spoken for by The Hancock Family in Pennsylvania
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

4th Male, 8th in litter..... White on Chest

Front Flashing x Flashing on back left

born 1/20/23 @ 12:07 am.....1lb

1/25/23.....1lb 12oz

2/1.....2lbs 9 oz

2/8.....3lbs 9 1/2 oz

2/16.....4lbs 12 oz

2/22.....6lbs 15 1/2 oz

3/1.....11lbs 3 oz

Week 1-2

Mocha aka Mr. Smiley is too stinking cute for his own good. Love, Love, Love his facial expressions! If they are any indication of his personality I would say he is going to be one happy pup but he mainly just eats x sleeps so we will have to see. Mocha was very curious during the photo shoot. He was the only one to "sniff x check things out". So far Mocha is content to cuddle w/his momma, one of us or lay off by himself.

Week 3

Mocha has also mainly slept this week but he showed himself to be everything above when Delilah's pawrents came to visit. He went exploring x had to check them out (once he woke up) x he was a happy content boy about

Week 4

Mocha has been attached to his momma this week - never to far from her as can be seen on the videos on FB...he is the one with no ribbon. At one point he is even on top of Delilah. So we shall see what next week brings...kind of like him x Nitro switched....cause Nitro was attached to his momma but now he is off exploring x Mocha is attached to his momma.

Week 5

Mocha has been close to his momma again this week. He will play with his siblings x he will cuddle with us humans but he prefers his momma.

Week 6

Oh my goodness Love his sleepy grumpy face!! lol

I woke him up for his photos - this is me in dog form - where is the coffee?? 

Mocha prefers us humans over his siblings but he does play with them...he would rather cuddle w/one of us humans given the choice though but he does not have to be right on our laps like Cappi - Mocha is good just being close. He has been back to exploring but he does not wonder far.

So, I would still consider Mocha a momma/daddy's boy since he likes to be as close as possible w/out being on our laps but he has grown in confidence x is becoming more content (not so whinny - but he is a baby still)

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