Spoken for by The Hindle Family in Colorado

Day 1

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Matteo ~ ~


1.5 Weeks


2.5 Weeks


4.5 Weeks

3rdMale, 5th in litter.....Solid Blue, few hairs on chest

should dissipate w/front flashing

born 4/18/20 @ 9:41 PM.....1lb 6 1/2oz

4/25.....2lbs 12 1/2oz

4/28.....3lbs 10 1/2oz

4/29.....3lbs 13 1/2oz

5/6.....5lbs 4 1/2oz

5/17.....9lbs 10 1/2oz

5/19.....10lbs 7 1/2oz

Week 3 x 4 Matteo is still all about his food. He Loves his food. He is not as confident as Sal or Gianni when experiencing new things but as in the video of them coming out of the whelping room for the 1st time, once out and comfortable (which didn't take long) he was off with Sal exploring and Gianni stayed back with the girls. So Matteo needs a little extra reassurance sometimes.

Also, he is not as much of a talker as Sal but he does like to grumble at new things (as the videos also show

Week 2 Has been about the same. Only difference is that he can hear and it starting to notice all the new sounds. He is not as calm as Gianni but is currently more chill than Sal

Week 1 Matteo Loves his food. It is why most of our candid photos are of him because we pull him off....yes, he is the biggest with us pulling him off. When we pull him off he is content to be in our arms....but he does have a full belly lol

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