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~ ~ Sir Lazarus ~ ~

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Week 1

Week 2.5

Week 3.5

Week 5.5

Week 6

Week 8

1st Male, 1st in litter.....Thin Strip of White

born 3/12/23 @ 5:41 pm.....13 1/2 oz

3/21.....1lb 1/2 oz

4/1.....1lb 13 1/2 oz

4/7.....2lbs 5 1/2 oz


4/25.....6lbs 14 oz

5/10.....12lbs 12oz

Week 1-2

Laz mainly eats x sleeps but he is a smart boy. He knows where the lady with the bottle is ;-) 

When he is not with me Laz is usually cuddling or pretty close to Auntie Ember.

Week 3-6

Laz is a sweet and calm boy who is also active. He Loves to play but he is not crazy rowdy about it. He is a happy boy with his tail wagging 90% of the time and he seems to be inquisitive/watchful - not guard dog watchful. He sits back and watches me x when I am done cleaning he seeks me out for attention unlike his cousins x siblings who are typically under foot. I say not a guard dog way because typically when one sits back in a watchful guard dog way the growl or bark at what they do not like.....Laz does not do that - he is quiet when he is watching and can see him processing/thinking it out before he acts. Laz is also a cuddle bug x for as small as he is compared to the rest, he makes sure he gets on one of our laps

Week 8

Laz is going to be very pre-spoiled!

He is too small compared to his cousins that are here waiting to get picked up sooooo Mr. Laz is now out of the whelping room x being crate/kennel x potty trained!

Last night was his 1st night x he slept til 2:30 I got up to take him out x he was like, just kidding lady x we went back to sleep until the alarm went off at 4 x he then went outside. He has Not pottied in his kennel x he whines to let me know when he needs out....booo ya!

Laz is a very sweet gentle boy.

Some pups are right in your face x he reminds me of his dad Viktor x his grandpaw gentle.

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