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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Harvey ~ ~

(aka Sir Jitters)
Spoken for by The Akers Family in Michigan
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

3rd Male, 7th in litter.....Small White on Chest

may dissipate

born 1/19/23 @ 10:07 pm.....1lb 9 oz

1/25/23.....2lbs 7oz

2/1.....3lbs 5 12 oz

2/8.....4lbs 9 oz

2/16.....5lbs 13 oz

2/22.....7lbs 13 1/2 oz

3/1.....11lbs 7 oz

Week 1-2

Jitters is extremely quite so far x did extremely well for his photo shoot. He was content with me not that his face says that lol....Mr. Grumpy Face is actually very sweet x cuddly.  He was the most observant out of the pups during the photo shoot. Every time the camera clicked he looked directly at it.

Week 3

Jitters is still everything listed above. This past week he showed more signs of being observant. When Delilah's pawrents came to visit he had his head popped up watching x listening while the other still were sleeping but Jitters took note of the new voices x just sat back x "monitored"

Week 4

Jitters is everything above - Mr. Watchful. The only new thing for him this week is that he has started playing x interacting with his siblings> When he attempted to play with Biscotti - she did not find being knocked over fun x dominated him (literally) this typically starts a tussle but he was like "my bad" x walked away - love that he did that!

Week 5

Mr. Watchful is always watching. Sometimes from far away sometimes right at our feet. He typically freezes when he hears a new noise or one he does not hear often x he growls until he determines all is okay.

Today during their photo shoot he showed another side to his protective side - one of the pups was fussing x Jitters came to the whelping door/gate x was barking/growling at me. So I picked up his sibling who then stopped fussing x Jitters stopped barking/growling at me - little turd.

Week 6

Harvey is everything listed above - he is our watchful guard pup. He is so regal when he sits back x watches everything/everyone. Love how he is all cuddles when I pick him up though...he reminds me alot of his Dad. George immediately sits when he comes in from outside (i do not even have to tell him, he just does it) - has to dry his paws on the rug...but so regal about it until i wrap my arms around him for hugs x he melts in my arms. Wonder if Harvey will be the same when he gets older.

Know that when we pick Jitters up or we sit in there w/the pups he is a cuddler but typically right beside one of us. Occasionally on our lap but usually for me he off to my side/backside.

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