~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Duke  ~ ~

(aka Sir Gianni)

Spoken for by The Xintaris Family in Michigan

Day 1


1.5 Weeks


2.5 Weeks


4.5 Weeks

1st Male, 3rd in litter.....Solid Blue

w/flashing behind front 2 paws

born 4/18/20 @ 6:47 PM.....1lb 7oz

4/25.....2lbs 12oz

4/28.....3lbs 10oz

4/29.....3lbs 15oz

5/6.....5lbs 1oz

5/17.....9lbs 5 1/2oz

5/19.....10lbs 1oz

Week 3 x 4 Gianni has a calm side and a rowdy side - as can be seen in the videos posted on FB. However in the moments when he gets too rowdy, he does respond quickly to correction. Gianni is condient enough in himself that he had no problem coming out of the whelping room to me and he still loves to give kisses

Week 2 G still has a calmness to him x he appears to be our kisser....he loves to give Lovens

Week 1 - Gianni seems to have a calmness to him. For the most part, he eats, sleeps x potties but when he is searching for his momma, he is calmer about it than the other pups.


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