~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Coal ~ ~

Spoken for by The Selenke Family in Colorado

Week 1


Week 2


Week 4


Week 5


Week 10


3rdMale, 4th in litter......Solid Blue (2 thin strips that should dissipate)

w/front flashing x a smidge back flashing

born 1/10/21 @ 8:58 PM.....1lb 7oz

1/16.....2lbs 9oz

1/24.....3lbs 15oz

2/6.....6lbs 4oz

2/14.....9lbs 10 1/2oz



Personality Info

Week 13 

Coal is a loving sweetheart that Loves to cuddle x has calmed down considerably.....his training has gone amazingly well in this department. While he still likes to talk back - it is only occasionally ;-) He is still quick to bark at new things - great guard dog, but he does not talk back like he once did. Also, while he Loves to stretch his legs, he has calmed down considerably....this momma does not do crazy danes :-) :-)

His Training......

Sleeping thru the night - Completed

Kennel/Crate trained - Completed

Leash - 90%

Sitting - 90%

Staying - 40%

Laying - 10%

Potty Training - 60% 

Week 10

Coal is such a loving playful sweetheart. He has started basic training commands and is progressing quickly. He is not as talkative because I do not like my Danes barking at everything and him not barking at everything is part of his training. Aside from his training, Coal like I said is a loving sweetheart, he loves to cuddle and play tug-a-war with his sister Ember but he Loves x i do mean he Loves to stretch his legs

Week 5

Coal is still our guard puppy - he alerts the whole litter to anything new lol seems like he always has something to say Mr. Talkative. Coal is out most confident male at this time. While he did explore the room when we had them out of the whelping room the 1st time he definitely was ready to go back in before his sisters. Also, Coal can be very focused/persistent. I say this because once he found where his momma was hiding during puppy playtime - we had to keep picking him up and distract him. Coal also loves us humans ;-) he is content to snuggle with or without us

Week 3 x 4

Coal is our guard puppy - he lets us know real quick when something is new or off (video on FB) Coal also seems to be laid back...he is perfectly fine being with us humans (again video on FB) he falls right asleep.

Week 2

 Not much to tell - Coal currently just eats x sleeps