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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4  

Week 5

Week 6

2nd Male, 5th in litter.....White on Chest

Front x Back Flashing x one toe on back left

born 1/19/23 @9:03 pm.....1lb 5 oz

1/25/23.....2lbs 2oz

2/1.....3lbs 1/2 oz

2/8.....4lbs 6 1/2oz

2/16.....5lbs 12oz

2/22.....7lbs 5 1/2 oz

3/1.....11lbs 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Cappi usually just eats x sleeps. When he sleeps it is typically on his back but occasionally it is a weird position like upside (his head hanging off the bed) He is content to snuggle when we pick him up but he also likes to lay off by himself.

Week 3

Cappi is still the same..eats x sleeps in weird positions but is still content to cuddle with whoever.

Week 4

Cappi has finally been awake more than 3 minutes lol he is still very quiet but likes to play with his siblings when him, Nitro x Honey are not following me around the room. He did show himself to be confident when he was 1of the 1st 3 to make it across the room after we rearranged it Monday.

Week 5

Cappi x Chai were the 1st 2 out of the whelping room. Nitro was the 1st to attempt it but Cappi x Chai were the 2 actual 1st ones out. Cappi has been very awake this week x is typically the 1st one to greet any of us x is typically under foot while I am trying to clean the whelping room - Mr. Nosey lol. He is such a happy so lucky 

Week 6

Cappi is a lap dog lol x loves to give kisses! He typically falls asleep in our daughter's lap when she is here...she spoils him ;-)

He definitely loves us humans but he is content to play with his siblings too.

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