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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Sir Brewer ~ ~

Spoken for by The Miller Family in Ohio
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

5th Male, 9th in litter..... Smidge White on Chest 

should dissipate

Front Flashing x few hairs for back Flashing

born 1/20/23 @ 12:52 am.....1lb 1 oz

1/25/23.....1lb 12oz

2/1.....2lbs 7 oz

2/8.....3lbs 11 oz

2/16.....4lbs 13 oz

2/22.....6lbs 12 1/2 oz

3/1.....10lbs 15 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Not much to tell Brewer just seems to eat x sleep still. Can say he likes to cuddle w/anyone so far. We shall see how this goes when he is more alert.

Week 3

Nothing new to tell, Brewer mainly ate x slept this week. Have noticed in the last 24hrs that he prefer to crawl on top of his mom x sleep on her back.

Week 4

Brewer has shown this week that he is a Momma's boy. He Loves to be close to her! He does not even like to walk off the mattress to the potty area to go potty...he typically goes up by Delilah's front feet. Think him x Mocha are the 2 in the videos that are the loudest but it seems to just be when their siblings get between them x their momma #Momma'sBoy

Week 5

Brewer is a momma's boy but he has been venturing out away from her this past week playing more with his siblings x checking out what I am doing.

Week 6

Brewer is our love bug. He loves to be close by us humans or his momma x cuddle...such a sweet boy. Brewer likes to sit back x observe new things. Ex - when the vet was here he did not rush to check out the new...he went x sat in the corner x observed until I went x got him x then he was good with everything.

When it is something or someone Brewer knows....he is all in lol no holding back, he is right there.

I love how in the video from yesterday (will be posting it later this morning 3/2) he is just sitting x watching me come in the room x then hops down x comes to my feet.

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