~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Finn~ ~

(aka Sir Blaze)

Spoken for by The Auger Family in Pennsylvania

Week 1


Week 2


Week 4


Week 5


1stMale, 2nd in litter.....White Strip (should dissipate)

w/front flashing x smidge back flashing

born 1/10/21 @ 6:31 PM.....1lb 9oz

1/16.....2lbs 11 1/2 oz


2/6.....7lbs 10 1/2 oz

2/14.....11lbs 7oz

Personality Info

Week 5

Blaze is still a sweet boy that likes to give kisses. While he is confident in his own areas, he does take a little bit to warm up to new areas as can be seen on FB in the videos of their 1st timeout of the whelping room. Blaze loves to play with his siblings but will occasionally hang with us humans for some attention.

Week 3 x4 

Blaze is a very sweet boy that gives kisses yet like to try to get rowdy x rough house with his siblings. Some moments he is chilling and others he is on the go. He does like to sit x watch me while I am cleaning or moving around the whelping room (video on FB) which I prefer to them being under foot. While he does good being picked up and held...he doesn't like to stay for long...seems to prefer his space but will give you kisses.

Week 2

Blaze currently just eats x sleeps