~ ~ Sold ~ ~

(name means to be "drawn out" )

Spoken for by The Gentles Family in Texas

~ ~ Sir Moses ~ ~

Week 1


Week 2


Week 5


1st Male, Only one in litter.....Solid Blue

few white hairs on chest (should dissipate) smidge front flashing

born 3/22/19 @ 1-2 PM.....1lb 7 oz

3/29/19.....3lbs 3oz

4/5/19.....5lbs 13oz

4/12/19.....8lbs 13oz


Moses is a very well rounded pup. Sometimes he likes to cuddle with his momma, sometimes with us humans and other times he likes to lay off by himself - he is definitely his own "heater" lol At times he plays with his momma and he has yet to win hahah but when we pick him up, even if he is in the middle of playing with his momma, he immediately calms and looks at us like "what you want" and then will either give us kisses or fuss to be put back down. He is a boy who knows what he wants.

Moses has shown his smarts by being ready and waiting when one of us opens the whelping room door - he knew we were coming and he is always happy to see us and his momma of coarse :-)

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