Spoken for by The Healey Family in Colorado

Week 1

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Lady Spark ~ ~


Week 2


Week 4


Week 5

Vienna_2021_Spark_Week 5-3
Vienna_2021_Spark_Week 5-3


1st Female, 1st in litter......Solid Blue

w/2 thin strips (will dissipate) w/front flashing 

x a smidge back flashing

born 1/10/21 @ 14:20 PM.....1lb 7oz

1/16.....2lbs 10oz

1/24.....4lbs 13oz

2/6.....7lbs 10 1/2 oz

2/14.....11lbs 12oz

Personality Info

Week 5

Spark is a people person  - she Loves all of us and she Loves to explore. She was one of the 1st to start exploring when we have had them out of the whelping room. While she is a confident little lady - it does take her a minute to check out new people but so far it does not take her long to warm up to anyone.

Week 3-4

Spark is a very confident sweet lady. I say confident because she walks away from her momma x siblings to check out new things, explore or to get attention from us humans. Spark also had no fear of Ember her 9 wk old 1/2 sister - very confident walking up to her even when Ember is not in her crate. I say sweet because when we pet her or pick her up, she completely stills and takes in the moment.

Week 2

Not much to tell - aside from eating x sleep, Spark currently prefers to lay off from everyone....she seems to like her space.