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Day 1


1.5 Weeks


2.5 Weeks


4.5 Weeks

2ndFemale, 2nd in litter......Blue Fawn w/white on chest

born 4/18/20 @ 6:33 PM.....1lb 3oz

4/25.....2lbs 4oz

4/28.....3lbs 4 1/2oz

4/29.....3lbs 8oz

5/6.....5lbs 3oz


5/19.....8lbs 3 1/2oz

Week 3 x 4 Ravenna has her moments when she likes to play with her siblings but if she knows I am in the whelping area or she hears me come in, she comes over to greet me (sometimes I am in stealth mode....sometimes I fail lol)...so she really seems to be well balanced in that area. She also showed her confidence when she came out of the whelping room on her own and started exploring the back porch on her own. She is calm in our arms but she also has no problem getting rowdy with the boys...although in the one video she did give in to one of the boys.....very unusual for a girl....normally they kick the boy's butts.


Week 2 Ravenna was more like a normal pup this week and was a momma's girl  - she definetely prefered her momma hah however on ocassion was was content to cuddle and sleep in our arms.

Week 1 - Not a whole lot to tell but Ravenna does like us humans already. She sometimes cuddles with me...most pups at this age only want their momma ;-)


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