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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Lady Liliana Marie ~ ~
aka Mo
(Mini Oak)

(aka Lady Melody)
Spoken for by Hillis Danes

Week 1

Week 2.5

Week 3.5

Week 5.5

Week 6

Week 8

1st Female, 3rd in litter.....Solid Blue

born 3/12/23 @ 8:00pm.....1lb 3 1/2 oz

3/21.....1lb 10 oz

4/1.....3lbs 5 1/2 oz

4/7.....4lbs 8 1/2 oz

4/19.....7lbs 7 1/2 oz

4/25.....9lbs 4 oz

5/10.....17bs 15oz

Week 1-2

Melody got her name because she came out singing/talking. She truly is her mother's daughter. 

As Oak was being prepped/going under for her C-section Melody decided she didnt want to wait so as I held Oak's hoo-haa opened so Mel could breath since she was not in a sack and the entire time with just her mouth x nose sticking out she sang/talked to us lol.

Aside from all her sweet talks Mel mainly eats x sleeps still.

Week 3-6

Mel is the same - she is her momma Oakie over in looks x personality.

Week 8

Miss Personality! Mel is so stinking cute, so loving x sooooo rotten! She is always into something.

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