Spoken for by The Cherryholmes Family in Ohio

Week 1

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Rosalind ~ ~


Week 2


Week 4


Week 5


2nd Female, 4th in litter.....Solid Blue w/front flashing 

x a smidge back flashing

born 1/10/21 @ 7:48 PM.....1lb 3 1/2oz

1/16.....2lbs 3 1/2 oz

1/24.....3lbs 15oz

2/6.....6lbs 8 1/2 oz

2/14.....10lbs 8 1/2oz

Personality Info

Week 5

Again it only took less than 30 seconds to take Kindle's photos - she just sits there and poses for me x she sits up like a big confident girl. She is also one of the 1st to explore new areas when we have them out for puppy playtime, showing that she is confident. Plus, she still likes to give kisses ;-)

Week 3 x 4

Kindle is confident, sweet x calm. I say confident because she had no problem checking out her 9 wk old 1/2 sister Ember or walking up to her when she was in her crate x giving her kisses. I say sweet because she gives kisses x I say calm because her photo shoot took maybe 30seconds (tops) she was so calm x confident for it.

Week 2

Kindle currently just eats x sleeps