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Day 1

~ ~ Lady Iclyn ~ ~


Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


4th Female, 6th in litter.....Thin Strip on Chest

w/ Flashing behind all 4 paws x white on 2 center toes on both back paws

born 12/2/20 @ 5:29 PM..... 11.8 oz

12/9/20.....1lb 1 1/2oz

12/16/20..... 1lb 13oz

12/23/20.....2lbs 14oz

Personality Info

Week 1

Little Miss has a calmness/regalness to her. Interested to see how this develops. We say calm/regal because even when she is fussy for something she is not spazzy lol....its like she fusses to let you know she needs something and when the issue (pee, poo, food, cuddles) is addressed - she calmly waits. Most pups, in general, still fuss while the issue is being addressed.

Week 2

For the most part Ice has been the same, has a calmness to her. She did show her confidence this week by laying off by herself when she was not being 'mothered" by one of her siblings but she can usually be found snuggling with her momma or one of her siblings....definitely seems to be a snuggler.

Week 3

Ice is still the same sweet, calm x loves to snuggle.

So from the beginning Ice has always been a little behind her siblings, not as strong - the runt so to speak. Then after a rescue mission ..... aka her momma sat on her through the night....they say nothing wakes a fur parent faster than a dog vomiting .....I disagree nothing wakes me faster than the sound of a pup being squished by their momma. Not that London meant to but there is a reason why other breeders do not post their litters until they are older....they are left to fend for themselves. The fear of pups being sat/laid on is why I sleep in the whelping room for as long as mom does.

So, with being behind x then seeming more behind/off after being laid on by her momma - we took her to see the vet. There we found out that the valve that supplies oxygen while inside of mom did not close off all the way like it was suppose to during delivery. 

I do not remember the technical term...I was sleep deprived x running on less than 1 cup of coffee.....

Regardless of the technical name - it is a waiting game to see how things go.

The short story is that since the valve is not completely closed yet....Ice is not getting adequate oxygen for  energy x therefore is a behind her siblings in growth x development (they all can walk - she is still belly crawling)


Yesterday morning when we woke - it was obvious that Ice had grown over night and unfortunately it seemed to make things worse x not better. After a long day x night with her...she went to sleep this morning for the final time. Our hearts are sad but thankful for the time we got to spend with her.