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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

3rd Female, 4th in litter.....Solid Blue had Thin backwards "7" on Chest

has basically dissipated - white hairs are still there just spread out now

 w/Front Flashing x few hairs for Back Flashing

born 1/19/23 @ 8:17 pm.....  1lb 5 1/2 oz

1/25/23.....2lbs 2oz


2/8.....4lbs 5oz

2/16.....5lbs 9 oz

2/22.....8lbs 10 oz

3/1.....12lbs 12 oz

Week 1-2

The 1st week Honey was so quiet x easy going was content to snuggle with whoever. Now that her ears x eyes are opening...haha...she is an extremely Loyal Momma's Girl. Honey is very focused x persistent at getting back to her momma should one decide to pick her up aka me for photos. Obviously she eventually gave in but she was not happy about it.

Week 3

This week Honey has been quiet x easy going with her momma x myself. She was not a fan of any of our kiddos. She was fussy until she got back to one of us. This tells us that she is extremely loyal to those that take care of her.

Week 4

Honey has lived up to her name this week x has been an absolute sweet heart!  Take for granted this is with me x her momma lol. She either watches me or follows me around the room. Take for granted when she sits/lays back x watches the look on her face is sooooo  judgy lol but she is all snuggles x kisses when I pick her up or she climbs in my lap.

Week 5

Honey has been the same again this week - such a sweet heart w/her momma, our daughter x her momma. She appears to need a few to warm up to new people but once she does - she is as sweet as honey.

Week 6

Honey is a sweetheart. She does not rush at new things (aka people) she checks them out x then approaches x is so sweet about it (so Nice when they are 150lbs! lol)

Honey while she is very loving x affectionate - does not have to be on our laps. She is content to cuddle or layoff by herself.

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