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~ ~ Molly  ~ ~

aka Lady Chai
Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

2nd Female, 3rd in litter.....

Solid Blue - had a Thin Stripe on chest

(has dissipated) w/Front Flashing x few hairs for Back Flashing

born 1/19/23 @ 7:50 pm.....1lb 3oz

1/25/23.....1lb 12 1/2oz

2/1.....2lbs 10 oz

2/8.....3lbs 12 1/2 oz

2/16.....5lbs 1/2 oz

2/22.....6lbs 12 oz

10lbs 14 oz

Week 1-2

Chai is quiet, smart x loyal.

Quiet because typically when a pup wakes they cry until they find the milk..not Chai she just quietly looks for it unless she wakes on her back wedged in-between the wall x bed...then she fusses a little but figures it out on her own.

Smart because she can find mom on her own even before her peepers were open so I am guessing she has an amazing sniffer.

Loyal because she got upset at the beginning of her photo shoot until I spoked to her x then she instantly calmed as long as it is her momma or I she is fine...very loyal to the 2 of us.

Week 3

Chai is everything list above x while she is loyal she did great with Delilah's pawrents - just had to sniff them out but then she was all cuddles x kisses

Week 4

Chai is still everything above. In addition to all that she seems to b self entertained - video on FB 2/14 video #5. Chai does pay x interact with her siblings but she des not seem to need/want constant attention

Week 5

Chai is still quiet compared to her siblings but she showed her smarts again when I left the gate cracked only to come back x find her sitting on my slippers, waiting on me....melt my heart!

Also as the candid photos/videos show on FB she likes to sleep at her momma's back feet - that is her typical spot.

Week 6

Molly can typically be found sitting for me even in the chaos of her siblings - she with sisters are usually sitting at the back while the boys are all around my feet. Molly though will typically stay in the back she does not usually push thru to the front but occasionally does - but that is cuddle time x she is getting sleepy.

Molly can play off by herself or with her siblings. She plays well but on occasion when Biscotti has taken it too far Molly has stood her ground x when Biscotti walks away - Molly lets her go x entertains herself usually by exploring more or going to sleep.

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