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~ ~ Lady Biscotti ~ ~

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Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

4th Female, 6th in litter.....Solid Blue (few white hairs)

Front Flashing x few hairs for Back Flashing

born 1/19/23 @9:19 pm.....1lb 6 1/2 oz

1/25/23.....2lbs 4oz


2/8.....4lbs 9 oz

2/16.....5lbs 14oz

2/22.....8lbs 6 1/2 oz

3/1.....12lbs 10 1/2 oz

Week 1-2

Not much to tell as Bicotti usually just eats x sleeps. Sometime she lays off by herself x other times she cuddles. When I picked her up for her photo shoot she gave me kisses x snuggled in my stinking sweet.

Week 3

Biscotti is so sweet x snuggly. Very quiet lovebug that likes to give kisses. So far she does good with any of us....doesn't meet a stranger so to speak...not yet anyways

Week 4

Biscotti is everything stated above when she is in my arms lol

so quiet, so sweet, loves to give kisses - even sleeps at my feet if she is not off by herself.

However she is also confident, full of energy x appears to be an alpha.

When we rearranged the whelping room on Monday she was 1 of 3 that showed their confidence x came right over to the new area. Tuesday videos on FB show how awake she is...I think she is awake in all 5 videos x is the last to crash - she just kept going.  In one of the videos on Tuesday her alpha side can be seen. Jitters attempts to play with her x in the end she dominates him (literally) but at the same time she is not overly rowdy with her siblings.

So while she does appear to be an alpha she appears to be a loyal alpha that will be at one's side once all the puppy energy has been worked out

Week 5

Biscotti is everything above she has a sweet loving side x a sassy side. Her siblings have been standing up to her this week x Biscotti will walk away - so while she starts it - she has yet to finish it.

Week 6

Biscotti still a sweet yet sassy girl but more sweet than sassy - she loves to play with her siblings but she does not have to be the boss. Typically her x Molly play together x when Biscotti takes it too far Molly will let her know x they both walk away. 

This makes me think that Biscotti will need a family that is going to keep up on her training as she grows

Make sure your Yes means Yes and your No means No

or it will take way longer to train her 

While Biscotti is an absolute sweetheart x loves to give kisses - she does not "need" to cuddle. She is content to cuddle or layoff by herself.

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